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Stephen & Judy Shelasky

Naples, FL, United States


While I have loads of great shots of “Bathing Beauties” having even self-published a book by the same name on Blurb, this is a sight I have only seen once. A magnificent Osprey flew down to the waters of a pond in Naples and spent several minutes bathing while I stood just several feet away happily snapping shots with my trusty Canon 7D.

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Species: Osprey

Osprey Bathing

Osprey Bathing

6 replies on “Osprey Bathing”

Laura says:

Stellar photo, except I’m super jealous!

Thanks very much, Laura. They are a most fascinating bird!

Laura says:

Yes, they are. I’m fortunate that I’ve lived in 2 houses that had a nest nearby and had the opportunity to watch them from hatching to leaving the nest.

Theresa Nickels says:

Great shot of an amazing bird!

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