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Donna Mcknight

Brick, NJ, United States

Perfect Landing

14 week old Eaglet flying in to the cell tower in Brick New Jersey, one of the three Eaglets that successfully hatched and was an honor to watch and photograph these magnificent raptors Nikon D7200 Tamron 150-600 July 2016

12 replies on “Perfect Landing”

Nice shot

Donna McKnight says:

Thank You Greg..

Virginia hutchison says:

Beautiful photo of a egelet spreading its wings and a lovely lady doing the same and loving it so.

Donna McKnight says:

Thank You VIRGINIA♡♡♡

Ana Page says:

Beautiful shot

lisa lennox-quinlan says:

i see them on the tower every morning. great to see one up close. just beautiful

John Kobin says:

Timing, Majesty, beauty. Thank you

Donna Mcknight says:

Thank You John…

Cindy Smith says:

Where is this tower located? I live in Absecon , NJ,and would love love love to have directions to view these eagles this year.

Donna McKnight says:

Hey on Brick Blvd in Brick. In the Advanced Auto Parking Lot.i suggest waiting until they have the babies..sometime in the middle of april.. thats when the Action starts if you come now its hit or miss..
In April there busy feeding the babies..

Linda says:

Great shot! Can’t wait for this years updates!

Donna Mcknight says:

Thank You so much…

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