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Kelly Cave

Weatherford, TX, United States


I have fed the birds for twenty years and have sat with them about ten. I love to photograph them. They are the most amazing creatures and I love them!

Tasty Indeed

Hybrid Titmouse enjoying some homemade suet.

17 replies on “Tasty Indeed”

Kim Lester says:

I love looking at your pictures!! You are a true artist that captures the true essence of whatever you are photographing!!

Kelly Cave says:

Thank you so much Kim for your kind words and taking time to leave a comment ❤

Kelly Cave says:

Kim! You are so kind! Thank you so much <3

Rick rogers says:

Love to see Kelley s birds always amazed at her shots

Kelly Cave says:

Thank you Rick!

Margo Mills says:

Great picture!

Kelly Cave says:

Thank you Margo!

Cecilia Alvarez says:

I love Kelly’s work!

Kelly Cave says:

You are so kind Cecilia! thank you.

Linda says:

Love this! Such beauty in Gods creations. Artistic touch.

Kelly Cave says:

Thank you for your kind words <3

Misty says:

Stunning! !!

Kelly Cave says:

Thank you so much Misty <3

Awesome photographer…
Thoroughly enjoy her work
Such a blessing

Kelly Cave says:

Carole, thank you so much!
You bless me!

Lori Menchaca says:

Kelly’s work allows us to see things up close that we may never have seen otherwise. She patiently waits to capture every shot and through her patience and skill, we’ve seen beautiful things. Her bird shots are some of my favorites- and you should see what she can capture in rain!

Kelly Cave says:

Lori, I thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It is my passion in life and don’t want to miss a single thing. I love sharing what I see through my lens. Be blessed sister. ?

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