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Lynda Murtha

Tamworth, Ontario, Canada


A friend has been feeding peanuts to a flock of bluejays and without fail they arrive at 8 every morning for their breakfast special. Even in a snowstorm…


Waiting For The Early Bird Special.

AWARD WINNER: Category 7: Judges’ Choice

6 replies on “Waiting for the early bird special.”

Lori Grant says:

Very nice!

Lori LaRose says:

Great shot…reminds me of an impressionist painting…congrats to you for catching this fine example!

Tena Cochran says:

WOW! This is spectacular!!! I’d love to have one of these for my home! How could these birds just KNOW how to perch in this perfect formation???

Susan Beebe says:

Very nice, this would make a great holiday card.

Jill forsberg says:

Beautiful!! Should be a portrait picture!! I would defiantly buy one!! Brilliant!!

Sherry Radack says:

Is there a possibility of purchasing this photo?

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