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Sheila Nealon

Scranton, PA, United States


The female waits nightly for the male owl during their mating season. On this particular night, the male owl flew over the female and gently kissed her head. Many times, they fly together and land on branches. They play and they kiss and then begun their hunt for food. These two had two babies who left their nest on May 14, 2016.

Winged Kiss At Midnight

An Owl's Kiss

9 replies on “Winged Kiss at Midnight”

Georgene Ward says:


Joan Fenwick says:

Love this picture.

Erica Francis says:

An amazing capture of the owls. Beautiful picture

Lisa Jezorwski says:

Beautiful !

Marguerite nealon says:

Please select Sheila Nealon’s photo.

Allison says:

This photo is breathtaking!

Marie Woody says:

Beautiful picture of nature’s best.

Mikaela Galea says:

What a stunningly beautiful photo! Well done indeed!!!

Sheila says:

Wow! Thank you!!

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