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Melissa Bryant

Bowman, GA, United States


These Grackles visit every winter in large groups. They visit my yard several times throughout the day. I love to see them take off all at once and hearing the sound of their wings. They are also so pretty when the sunlight hits them. This picture, there are a mix of Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds. I am a Nature Photographer from Bowman, Georgia.

Winter Migration Of Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds

Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds

12 replies on “Winter Migration of Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds”

Debra says:

Beautiful photo! Love everything about it°

Melissa Bryant says:

Thanks so much Debra for your comment. I do love what I do and makes it even BETTER when others enjoy my photos too.

Becky Eberhardt Tapley says:

Such a beautiful shot. You have amazing pictures. You are so dedicated to your photography and it shows in your work. You are so talented and blessed with beautiful nature.

Sherry says:

Love your beautiful photos! You’re so very talented and such amazing work! Keep up the truly amazing work that you do!

Melissa Bryant says:

Thanks so much Sherry!!!

Melissa Bryant says:

Thanks so much Becky for your sweet message. I love being a Nature Photographer and being out capturing God’s beauty. Makes me HAPPY that you all enjoy what I share…

Becky says:

Beautiful photo , Love it!!

Kathy Lee says:

Beautiful Photo!

Melissa Bryant says:

Thank you!!

Virginia Royals says:

This is a great photo! It is very unusual to catch that many birds in flight at one time!

Melissa Bryant says:

Thank you Virginia!!

Sharon Wentworth says:

Absolutely incredible photo! You are truly talented. I love your photos

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