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Bonnie Boex

Dillon, CO, United States


As I approached nest site to check on fledge activity I had the rare pleasure to come-upon a TRES site that had just fledged. The TRES adults were circling above warning me to step back and at-first DO NO HARM. I heeded the warning!! As I stood-by I determined the first three(3) to fledge were already taken to safety across the hwy; this picture depicts the last of 5 fledglings; hungry and awaiting further instructions from the adult female (mother.)

If I had dropped-dead at that moment my joy of witnessing this event would have propelled me to heaven with no stops on-the-way.


07/2017 TRES Fledglings

07/2017 TRES fledglings; site #P9; Dillon, CO

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