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Suzannah troy

Bklyn, New York


When I put up this birdfeeder I was thrilled to see red house finches, rose-breasted grosbeak, beautiful cardinals husband and wife, loads of sparrows and doves but I never imagined I’d see a falcon dropping in to check out all the activity. I’m new to watching birds and I thought something was very peculiar because all the birds were gone!!!!

American Kestral By Tree W/ Bird Feeder

American Kestral lands next to my tree with a bird feeder! About 15 sparrows very quickly vanished. You can see snowflakes - it was during the big snowstorm... I was shocked. I’ve never seen a falcon up close in the wild. I got a series of photos and a video but I picked this one because look at his face! Williamsburg, Brooklyn right by the bridge and E. River!

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