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Hui Sim

Delta, BC, Canada


This juvenile male Anna’s hummingbird was having a quiet moment in the weak autumn sun on the pyracantha bush, and he seemed to be rather curious about the berries on the branch to his left. While fruit is not part of a hummingbird’s diet, these little birds will give anything red a poke — I have seen them give a cursory inspection to unripe blackberry fruit and to even plant labels that feature photos of red flowers on them!

Anna’s Hummingbird With A Taste For Scarlet Firethorn Berries? ;)

Anna's Hummingbird with Pyracantha Pomme

2 replies on “Anna’s Hummingbird with a Taste for Scarlet Firethorn Berries? ;)”

Anne says:

Love the bright red color! You beautifully captured a rare moment.

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful! Wonderful detail and color!

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