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Joan Wiitanen

Tear Lake, Stanton Township, MI, United States


We get many colorful birds in the summer but nothing compares to the DAILY bright red, black and white male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Just love them!

Be Mine…Mr. Rose-breasted Valentine

3 replies on “Be Mine…Mr. Rose-breasted Valentine”

Lorraine S LaRose says:

Very Beautiful! These are special birds in that they go about their feeding and ‘seem’ to take it all in stride with the other birds. The color is spectacular with the red, black and greyish white contrast! Good framing with the tree branches too…Love it
You should frame this one and hang it proudly in your home!

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

Well thank you kindly!…I take so many pictures it took me all day and my FB fans to help choose which bright bird to enter. I love the “bleeding heart” and seemed fitting for this Valentines time of year. <3

Laura Frazier says:

This is a beautiful photo of a beautiful bird! I’ve only ever had one in my yard – I wish they’d come around more often!

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