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Gary Mueller

Rolla, MO, United States


Blue Jay taking a dip in the bird bath.

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Blue Jay Bathing Beauty

Blue Jay Bathing Beauty

7 replies on “Blue Jay Bathing Beauty”

Jennifer says:

He’s definitely a Beauty 🙂 Nice One.

paul says:

A wonderful photo

Gary Mueller says:

Jennifer and Paul:

Thanks! I just got lucky a few days ago when we had a warm day here in Missouri and this BJ decided to take a dip.

Shellee Graham says:

Very nice image Blue Jay in the bath, Gary. Great job.

Also, it’s nice to see another Route 66 town represented on

Theresa Nickels says:

Very Nice! Wonderful light! Also, love the portrait pose!

Lorraine S LaRose says:

You were definitely in the right place, right time…not all luck though… unique!
All the best…

Gary Mueller says:

Shellee: Thanks! Yup, get your kicks on … 🙂

Theresa: The BJ was in the right position for the shot. Thanks!

Lorraine: It always helps when the bird does just what you want. Cheers!

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