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Diane Levy

Oakland, NJ, United States


I shot this photo from my kitchen window. Surprised to see 2 peanuts in the Blue Jay’s mouth.


Blue Jay Hogs The Peanuts

5 replies on “Blue Jay hogs the peanuts”

Jeanne Palomino says:

I love this photo- the rich blue of the jay and so much personality, contrasted with the snowy leafless winter. Also highlights avian awarness and the need to keep woodlands open, and winter-feed our non-migratory birds!

Elise Cole says:

Love this photo!

Marisa says:

Awesome shot, gorgeous bird.

Anne says:

I really like the clear blue of the jay contrasting with the darker background. The feathers look so soft!

David Huberman says:

Just liked the photo, it was so nice !

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