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Judi Sawyer

Roan Mountain, TN, United States


With the arrival of winter, the Blue Jays have been plentiful at my feeders. They rarely sit still long enough for a decent photo, but this one sat still just long enough as it surveyed the peanuts scattered on the ground.


Blue Jay On A Snowy Day

Blue Jay on a Snowy Day

6 replies on “Blue Jay on a Snowy Day”

Janey Busby says:

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! So thankful someone as talented as Judi Sawyer posts these incredible photos!

Terry says:

Love this picture!

Becky Sutton says:

This is a gorgeous photo.

Amy says:

I am not a photographer, so don’t really know the lingo – but I love the way that this photo is composed. The angle of the stick is parallel to the bird’s body, the way the jay blends in and yet is easily found, the many layers. Just gorgeous!

Linda Jones says:

BEAUTIFUL photograph. I always look forward to seeing Judi Sawyer’s posts. Her pictures of birds are stunning.

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