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Barbara Dilger

Waldwick, NJ, United States


This bird was a frequent visitor to my feeders this past summer. Its beak seems to be missing a large piece of the upper portion. I think it was easy for him/her to scoop the seeds out of the feeders circular opening with its lower beak and then fly off to a branch to finish eating.


Blue Jay With Beak Deformity.

Blue Jay with a deformed beak with a seed taken from my feeder. The bird looks healthy, with beautiful colors and feathers. Bright and bold for sure!

One reply on “Blue Jay with beak deformity.”

I have 2 Blue Jays coming to my feeder like this. Originally one’s beak was white on the tip and now it appears to have fallen off and he just has a stub but appears to be eating fine.
Now a second Blue Jay’s beak is becoming white and is breaking down in the middle. I live in Portland ME,

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