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Sandi Walmsley

Victoria, BC, Canada


This little bushtit was on the lookout while his buddies (about 25 of them) ate at my bird feeders.


Bushtit Watch

You looking at me?

5 replies on “Bushtit Watch”

Garth Campbell says:

Great photo Sandi!

Theresa Nickels says:

I’m amazed that you were able to catch a still pose of this little one! I tried to photograph busy Bushtits while visiting family in Oregon but mostly ended up frustrated that they never stayed still. 🙂

Sandi Walmsley says:

Theresa, I use the sport mode on my camera sometimes when taking bird pics. Multi pics in a short quick burst ?

Korene says:

This photo has so much expression. Impressive for such a busy little bird.

Kitty lloyd says:

Great photo Sandi!

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