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Pat Comas

Murrysville, PA, USA


The initial shot I was after was the Downy Woodpecker upside down extracting the suet I had placed between the scales of the pinecone. While shooting, the Carolina Wren made a surprise appearance. It flew in and perched just an inch away from the woodpecker fully expecting the woodpecker to relinquish the cone and suet. Impatiently, it turned its head right and then left without stirring a reaction from the woodpecker. As a final gesture, the wren stretched upward with puffed feathers, trying desperately to look as big as possible. Still, the woodpecker remained completely oblivious to all attempts of intimidation from the wren and the wren flew away defeated.

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Species: Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker – Carolina Wren Standoff

“My Patience Is Wearing Thin”

One reply on “Downy Woodpecker – Carolina Wren Standoff”

Paula says:

Don’t Mess With Woodpeckers.

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