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Eileen Chorba

Beach Lake, PA, United States


I was watching the Great Egret as it waded near the water’s edge searching for fish, frogs, insects or snakes. Something must have gotten his attention and in an instant, he lifted from the rocks and flew a short distance away. I was very excited that I was able to capture several pictures of this beautiful Great Egret!

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Species: Great Egret

Elegant And Graceful Liftoff

AWARD WINNER: Category 5: People’s Choice

68 replies on “Elegant and Graceful Liftoff”

Nancy Fritche says:

Elegant & graceful liftoff

sue says:

Most beautiful!

Michael Morgan says:

Perfect timing!

Thanks Cuz…I really appreciate it!

Robert says:

Fantastic shot

Thanks so much Robert!

This photo captures the beauty and grace of the Great Egret, as stated, “Elegant and Graceful Liftoff.” Beautiful and inspiring. Great photo! This helps me to continue an appreciation and love of nature.

Thanks so much Andrew…hopefully you will get out to take some fantastic nature shots!

Diane Murray says:

Beautiful photo that captured the graceful start of his flight! A special moment!

Irene says:

Beautiful photo showing graceful bird

Marie McGee says:

Beautiful shot of a gorgeous bird. I love to watch them catch their food.

Thanks so much Marie!

Phyllis Oquendo says:


Margaret Wallace says:

Beautiful! Great shot!!

Thanks so much Margaret!

Virginia Lusk says:

Stunning capture!

Thank you Virginia!

What a great picture Beautiful!

Karen says:


Karen says:

Elegant and beautiful

Thanks so much Karen!

Alice Gargiulo says:

So beautiful. It’s a superb picture! Love it.

Thank you so much Alice!

Pam M. says:

WOW!! Just beautiful. This is called “being in the right place at the right time” (and being a great photographer).

Robin says:

One of my favorites. Beautiful

Dave says:

Great photo !! Beautiful !!

Thanks so much Dave!

Colleen Neenan says:

Wow super photo. What a great Catch!!!!
Love your Work…

Thanks so much Colleen!

Bridget Kay says:

Good luck!! I found an eagles nest this morning so I’m heading out now wirh my binocs!

Thank you Bridget…so happy for you to find an Eagle’s nest…is it the southwest nest?

Trish Dunn says:

What a beautiful photo! What a talent you have Eileen!

Thank you Trish for your kind words and also for voting!

Terri says:

Beautiful picture

Kaye Dutrow says:

Beautiful photo, Eileen. Love egrets…Good luck!

Thanks so much Kaye…they are indeed beautiful birds!

Tamrat says:


Thank you so much!!

Dink Suddaby says:

So gorgeous, Eileen! Just voted!

Thank you so much Dink! 🙂

Nicole Murphy says:

Beautiful photo! I can’t wait to visit Pa year!

Thanks so much Nicole!

Candy Schuler says:

What a great shot…beautiful❤️

Thanks so much for voting Candy! 🙂

evelyn cimahosky says:


Pam Monahan says:

A perfect capture of this graceful bird lifting off.

Thank you Pam! 🙂

Joe says:

Great Picture

Jodi Cooper says:

Done ! And gorgeous !

Thanks so much Jodi! 🙂

Opal hocker says:

Great shot. You are very talented

Jan says:

Just gorgeous !

Thank you Jan! 🙂

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