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Peg Runyan

West Branch, MI, United States


Two black-capped chickadees look like they are racing for the red berries in northern Michigan.

Got Here First!

Got Here First!

11 replies on “Got Here First!”

Just beautiful

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Joyce!

Olivia Gallagher says:

Gorgeous! This is amazing!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Olivia, I just love to watch the chickadees. Please vote for my little guys and encourage your friends to do the same! Happy New Year!

Emily says:

Stunning! An exceptional photo!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks so much Emily!

Looks like a winning shot to me!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Laura, be sure to share with your friends and maybe it will be a winner!

Theresa Nickels says:

Beautiful shot!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Theresa, I do love those little guys!

As soon as I saw this photo, I knew it must be you who took it!
Fantastic Photo!!!

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