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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, United States


This bold Grosbeak perched within a few feet of me while I sat near my feeding stations one May afternoon. His visit lasted long enough to grab some food across a few hours and then he was gone. Probably headed a bit farther away. His breast was bright with color, and I was happy to catch him with my lens in the seconds he remained on the perch hook.


Hungry Grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak passing through in early May

24 replies on “Hungry Grosbeak”

Joe Millward says:

Great shot as he eyed the photographer. Well timed.

Lesta Reiff Cintron says:

Great shot!

Debbie says:

Absolutely perfect picture for this category !!

Jon McConnell says:

Great picture of a beautiful bird!

Skip Bushby says:

Absolutely marvelous! Love the expression and character of this guy”s FACE. Coloration is wonderful!

IE says:


Betty Ann Dittrich says:

Linda, love the picture. Good Luck!!!!

Phil Walls says:

Hope I voted OK. Used to be in upstate NY at Rachel’s parents.

Dorine Fassett says:

I Love It!!!??????

Jane LaBrie says:

Stunning pic!

Angie says:

Great shot – voted – good luck

Donna Hoyt says:


Chafik says:


Laura says:

Lovely photo…

Amy Daspit says:

Beautiful detail!

Ali Quillen says:

Amazing shot! Good luck!

Cynthia Shifler says:

Love it!

Pippy Ward says:

Beautiful bird and perfect shot.

Althea Stubbs says:

Beautiful! LOVE it!

Althea Stubbs says:


Kathy T. Lantz says:

Amazing shot Linda!

Ann Goodman says:

Excellent shot!

Ewdward Skibicki says:


James Vaughn says:

Very nice.

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