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Jenny Wei

Burnaby, BC, Canada


This is our very first Hummingbird visitor to our nectar. She comes here everyday sitting and drinking and totally makes herself at home. I name Gigi based on the chirping sound that she makes every time she is here.
She is also very polite to other Hummers nearby: she doesn’t mind sharing the food and always greets hi and bye to me through the window. Once in a while, she would like to sit on the feeder to contemplate and examine the surroundings.
Gigi the Hummingbird is our little sweetheart that enlightens my balcony garden.

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Species: Anna's Hummingbird

I Love My Nectar

Gigi the Hummingbird contemplating the delicious nectar

3 replies on “I Love My Nectar”

Heather Kinnowr says:

Gorgeous photo of this gorgeous little bird! Well done!

Rita says:

Lovely photo….

Laura says:

Lovely creature! Nice shot!

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