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Hui Sim

Tsawwassen, Delta, BC, Canada


One of (at least) five Anna’s hummingbirds who has staked a claim on the nectar feeders and flowers in our yard. This adult male “owns” the backyard, and likes to perch on the blackberry branches. He will chase the other contenders away — 80 to 100 times a day. He often ignores us completely, but on this occasion, he gave the photographer the full pink crown treatment in slow-mo–letting me capture that wonderfully iridescent headgear in amazing detail.

Male Anna’s Hummingbird On The Blackberry Branch

He Who Wears the Pink Crown Can Really Throw it Down!

2 replies on “Male Anna’s Hummingbird on the Blackberry Branch”

Paula says:

Wow! This is some “boring” bird… more like “brilliant”.

I agree with Paula! How can this be a “boring” or “common” bird?!

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