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MaryKaye Gorbet

Sulphur, OK, USA

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Category: Eye-catchers

Male Ruby-crowned Kinglet

4 replies on “Male Ruby-crowned Kinglet”

Lorraine S LaRose says:

Just beautiful! These are the sorts of pictures I try to capture of the R-C Kings that feed at our house…love this picture as he flared the crown. So glad you shared! Gets my vote!
All the best; have fun!

MaryKaye says:

Thank you !! I waited in 20 degree weather for this little guy. Well worth the wait ! Glad you enjoy it

Bob Steventon says:

Getting a photo with the ruby crown showing so clearly is an accomplishment. Right now there is 3′ of snow on the ground in our yard. In about 3 months we’ll be hearing R-c Kinglets all around the yard. That is hearing … not usually seeing … and not getting a photo anywhere near this good.

MaryKaye says:

Thank you so much! Love watching these beautiful birds.

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