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Rosemary Pfaffengut

Arlington, TX, United States


This photo was taken in the early morning light. There was a bit of dew, spider webs were floating about, and this Bewick’s wren was singing cheerfully to welcome the day. The coloring of wrens may be described as “drab” but their voice certainly makes up for it.

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Species: Bewick's Wren

Morning Melody

A morning melody to wake the entire neighborhood.

2 replies on “Morning Melody”

Doria Sharpe says:

I’m casting my vote to keep within the boundaries of “boring” is beautiful. Many of the submissions were anything but boring birds to me and more like seldom seen birds to me. I’m voting for this little wren because wrens are quite common and even though I don’t get the Bewicks wren I do get the Carolina wren. I too have taken a picture just like this of my Carolina wren singing his heart out after a bath in my birdbath. It was just a stunning sight to behold so that’s why this little guy singing his heart out gets my vote for Boring is Beautiful.

I think that Mr. C. Wren thinks he is a rooster……

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