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Pat Comas

Murrysville, PA, United States


Queuing up for the black oil sunflower seed offered at the feeder, a male Northern Cardinal patiently waits. And as he waits, he adorns my yard with beauty in brilliant red. My backyard cardinals are the first to visit the feeder at dawn and the last to leave at dusk. At times, I have as many as ten cardinals perched throughout the yard. It’s a priceless simple pleasure that always leaves me in wonder.

Northern Cardinal Perched In White Spruce

Handsome in Red

4 replies on “Northern Cardinal Perched In White Spruce”

Donny says:

Great image

Lorraine S LaRose says:

Yes, Cardinals make any landscape much brighter! Love the framing of the Cardinal with the branches and cones; definitely a bright, bold, beauyt!

Astrid Smith says:

Beautiful photo! Looks like a Christmas card!

Paula says:

Too perfect! I’m sure he was posing there just 4U 🙂

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