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Jayne Gulbrand

Horicon, WI, United States


A friend and I were birding at Horicon Marsh in May. We came upon this American Bittern eating a frog in the reeds. I got about 3 images and he took off. What an amazing sight! Not a good day for the frog however.

Not A Good Day For Mrs. Frog!

8 replies on “Not a good day for Mrs. Frog!”

Andrew says:

Intense! Bravo!!

Pam Mancuso says:

such a difficult bird to find and to get this picture? Winner in my opinion!

Marie Wilson says:

Great photo! Nice amazing capture! Kind of a sad day for Mrs Frog though.

Corey says:

Awesome Jayne!!

Martin Andresen says:

such a wonderful portrait of the world and how nature moves on … moving

Deanna uphoff says:

Awesome photo of a difficult bird to see especially with prey.

Susan Benfer says:

Fantastic shot of behavior of a bird not easily spotted, BRAVO.

Theresa Nickels says:

Wow! Great opportunity, great shot!

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