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Tina Szegi

Hinton, AB, Canada


I have a few feeders in a garden patch below my kitchen windows. Currently, I have 50-125 Common Redpolls as regular visitors. When they all flew off in a panic, I hurried to the window, expecting a prowling neighborhood cat. No cat visible. As my eyes turned upward I saw a small bird clutching a Redpoll in its talons. Never having seen a Pygmy Owl before, it took my brain a moment to process. Although my camera was near, it had a wide angle lens attached. The owl actually sat long enough for me to switch to my telephoto lens! I was happy with the results, considering I took it through a window! It was a true Lifer moment for me!

Rare Bird At My Kitchen Window!

Northern Pygmy Owl swooped in and grabbed a Common Redpoll

5 replies on “Rare bird at my kitchen window!”

Paula says:

WHOAH! Congratulations. 🙂

Tina S says:

Thanks for the support, Paula!

Lorraine S LaRose says:

This is a great moment you caught. The owl looks as surprised as you must have been!
A caption for the owl could be ‘what do you expect?; surely you won’t miss one!
Good Luck!

Tina S says:

Thanks, Lorraine! Guess I will have to work on my captions! First time entry for me!

Lorraine S LaRose says:

Great first time entry!
Please know I was not trying to replace your caption…just saw the humor in the situation and loved the caught expression. All of these entries are special and fun; I really enjoy natures gifts.
All the best,

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