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Peg Runyan

British Columbia, Canada


A male red rufous hummingbird hoovers by a matching red flower in British Columbia, Canada.

Red Baron

Red Baron going in for the flowers sweet nectar.

7 replies on “Red Baron”

Nancy says:

Peg Runyon is a talented photographer!

Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Nancy, please ask your friends to vote!

Ron Gemmill says:

Beautiful shot !

Susan Zmorris says:

Photography is Peg’s passion. She has such an outstanding collection of photos, especially birds.

Dawn Brettrager says:


Peg Runyan says:

Thanks Dawn, feel free to share and maybe the Alaska vote can put me over the top!

Kerrie Wilcox says:

Hi Peg
Love this photo, can you please email me, I am looking for a hummingbird photo for a calendar. Thanks so much

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