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Mark Lowry

Lexington, KY, USA


This was one of those ‘did that just happen moments.’ This pair of tree swallows were perched
on this old stump doing absolutely nothing for the longest time. Being that I just got my camera
back from a friend who had borrowed it for a trip; I figured this is a nice subject to get my settings
readjusted. I began with a couple of stills and without any indication otherwise these two swallows
began a noisy 3-4 second ballet just over their perch and then promptly returned to their prior ‘doing
nothing’ position on the stump; it was as if this ballet never happened. I didn’t even know I got the shot until reviewing the photos later in the day. So was it a dance or perhaps a spat? We will never know.


Tree Swallow (pair)

Shall we dance?

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