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Ken Newman

Montrose, PA, USA


With days of sub-zero temperatures and a thick snow cover a pair of resident hawks had been staking out my feeding stations. Pickings were good and they had great success snacking on blue jays and the occasional dove. They were hanging around very close to this feeding platform, waiting in the trees of the wind break. I knew this was nature…they had to hunt to live but I sort of felt bad bating in the smaller birds. I wondered if they’d accept some fresh beef ( heart ) and if this might deter them from hitting on my regulars. The hawks were accustomed to my being outside and surprised me by coming right in ( while the meat was fresh and warm ). I kept this up until the weather broke and the snow pack partially melted. By then the fields were easy pickings for them. I was amazed they were so trusting and willing to sit so close to me. I had thoughts of going out with my welding gloves just to see if they would eat from my hand. Never tried it…

Where’s The Beef ?

Beef (heart) it's what's for dinner!

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