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ML Strahlendorff

Metuchen, NJ, United States


When White-throated Sparrows arrive in central New Jersey you know that fall has arrived and winter won’t be far behind. They will stay here, along with Dark-eyed Juncos, until the spring when they travel north to breed. I look forward to their arrival and don’t find them at all boring, although I have to say it’s difficult counting them for the Feeder Watch program as they move along the ground in mixed groups of House Finches, House Sparrow and Juncos, especially at dawn and dusk. They forage under the feeders and also enjoy nature’s offerings such as the acorn pictured here.

White-throated Sparrow With Acorn

White-throated Sparrow with Acorn

One reply on “White-throated Sparrow with Acorn”

Theresa Nickels says:

Nice shot of a wonderful native sparrow!

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