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Diane Marshman

New Milford, PA, USA


A White Breasted Nuthatch with a piece of suet.

A Tasty Morsel

A Tasty Morsel

13 replies on “A Tasty Morsel”

Barbara Moore says:

Love this photo of the Nuthatch~

Debbie Shepeard says:

So Beautiful ?

Janette says:


Traci says:

Love this picture, so beautiful

Traci connolly says:

Love this picture , so beautiful

Karmen says:


Jane says:

Great photography by Diane

Pam Bovaird says:

Beautiful picture with such sharp detail.

Patti Jakubs says:

Great pic caught by Diane!

Totally awesome catch. great picture.

Jean Sucec says:

Absolutely gorgeous photo and capture. Love this!

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