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Sujata roy

Morrisville, NC, USA


This was the first time I was seeing two female eastern bluebirds, battling it out either for the male partner or for the nest box. Here the one thrashing the other one and kept holding it to the ground for a long time, they flew and fought on my neighbour yard too and sometime flew up and fought on the roof too. The male bird was also there and was a mere spectator, just standing far n watching. I have few frames where the male is standing n watching. I was intrigued by this “battle of the blues” and I was more interested in watching the behaviour than checking my camera setting and getting the image. The female at the bottom left after some time n was kind off on its knees. I waited next day to watch any sort of behaviour but that was just one day show in May 2018. This scene is on our concrete driveway.

Battle Of The BLUES!

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