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Paul Thompson & Marilyn Drucker

Washington Crossing, PA, USA


To see these two woodpeckers tolerating each other at the suet feeder is not common, but here is proof that sometimes they can see the common food and share together. It is reassuring to know that sometimes cooperation can happen!

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7 replies on “Bird-partisanship”

John Wicoff says:

Outstanding capture to say the least! It’s all about being at the right place at the right time to manage such a photo! Congratulations!

Mary Ann Wolf says:

So-o-o cute

Richard Lindo says:

How did you get them so perfectly reflecting each other? Great composition of the shot.

Alden says:

A good title for a good photo!
Good commentary!

John says:

Tremendous photo!!

Love the symmetry that forms an open heart.

Laura says:

Amazing! Should be on the cover of a magazine. Great capture!

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