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Bright, ON, Canada


I took this picture during a very wicked winter storm in December of 2016. The birds were all puffy trying to stay warm against the bitter wind.

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Category: Category 2: Chickadees and Titmice only

Blizzard Chickadee

Braving the storm to eat

12 replies on “Blizzard Chickadee”

Glenda Rutherford’ says:

Love this pic

Karen Bauer says:


Annette Schell says:


Chris Merkley says:

Great pic

Kim howarth says:

Great picture

Lois Wood says:


Dacey says:

Their chubby little winter bodies are so cute!

Toni Davies says:

So tempting to let the little guy inside to eat his dinner. The blizzard conditions are very obvious in this shot.

Carrie Milburn says:

Simply Wonderful

niru philip says:

I’ve got this, I’ve got this…

I am stronger than the wind, just watch me! – no surrender.

Chickadee Power! loving this little guy.

Kim Howarth says:

Hes so cute

Jo-Anne Simpson says:

Nature at its best. Awesome shot!

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