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Bright, ON, Canada


I took this picture during a very wicked winter storm in December of 2016. The birds were all puffy trying to stay warm against the bitter wind.

Blizzard Chickadee

Braving the storm to eat

12 replies on “Blizzard Chickadee”

Glenda Rutherford’ says:

Love this pic

Karen Bauer says:


Annette Schell says:


Chris Merkley says:

Great pic

Kim howarth says:

Great picture

Lois Wood says:


Dacey says:

Their chubby little winter bodies are so cute!

Toni Davies says:

So tempting to let the little guy inside to eat his dinner. The blizzard conditions are very obvious in this shot.

Carrie Milburn says:

Simply Wonderful

niru philip says:

I’ve got this, I’ve got this…

I am stronger than the wind, just watch me! – no surrender.

Chickadee Power! loving this little guy.

Kim Howarth says:

Hes so cute

Jo-Anne Simpson says:

Nature at its best. Awesome shot!

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