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Orrtanna, PA, USA


I took this photo at an apple orchard in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania. It was the first week of Spring, and a friend had told me there were lots of Waxwings feeding on the Crabapple trees there. I couldn’t resist going to take some photos of them as they are such beautiful birds that I don’t get to see very often. The Waxwings were so busy feeding that they didn’t even notice me there, so I was able to take lots of photos. This photo is my favorite from that day. I like the bird’s pose as it stretches to reach a crabapple above its head even though there are some right at its feet.

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Species: Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

AWARD WINNER: Second Place Grand Prize and Category 1: People\'s Choice

12 replies on “Cedar Waxwing”

Ruthe Jones says:

So natural and beautiful. Nature and its creatures are breathtaking

Christina says:

Beautiful picture

Joy Michael says:

Love this photo

Laura says:

thank you so much!

Carol says:

I luv this pic! So pretty and colorful!

Betty Dickhudt says:

This is such a wonderful picture! I love it!

Laura says:

Thank you, Carol!


Thank you to everyone for all the nice comments! 🙂

Mary M says:

Congratulations! Your photo is beautiful!

Hana M says:

Just a spectacular shot. The composition was perfect and those colors! This beauty won my vote for the Grand Prize.

Donna Graham says:

The Waxwing knew of your love and posed for you. They, for me, have always been one of the more “knowing” birds, and have shown up for me when I most needed guidance and re-affirmation. What a blessing for you both.

Claire Caterer says:

Absolutely beautiful. Well done!

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