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Gloria Utzig

Princeton, MA, USA


We have had several snow/sleet and ice storms recently, but our feeders are faithfully used by many local birds. They don’t mind ducking under or dodging icicles to get to them.

Chickadee At The Frozen Feeder

3 replies on “Chickadee at the frozen feeder”

Aleene Jones says:

Very practical, excellent idea

Watching birds is never, ever boring,,
However, certain seasons are..
and perhaps..birds do get bored,, looking for the best feeders and rest stops in between..

And.I agree,, this picture identifies closely to the consideration of its landlord for their
and the spirit of feeding birds in all stages, seasons, settings…and the Feeder spirit..
It gave me.. good chills, in the nicest way..

That ice storm was intense! It invented a wonderful bird feeder design.

You captured the icy wonder perfectly.

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