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Diane Salter

Walsingham, Ontario, Canada


This partial albino common grackle showed up at the feeders. He/she was busy flipping the leaves under the feeder to find goodies. This loner bird doesn’t seem to have any friends.

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Category: Category 1: Birds with Food, or at the Feeder

Flipping Leaves Under The Feeder To Find Goodies

What happened to my head? It is supposed to be shiny black!

2 replies on “Flipping leaves under the feeder to find goodies”

Jo Nichols says:

Wow! Whenever it comes you’ll be able to identify it.

Jessica says:

I clicked on this thumbnail because I had no idea what this surely exotic bird was! I’m not sure how this works among common grackles, but I sure hope this little friend isn’t being shunned for his striking good looks!

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