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Joan Wiitanen

Tear Lake, Stanton Township, MI, USA


Often see the Chickadees all puffed up keeping warm since that’s when we see them the most is all winter long. BURRRR 😉

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Fluffed Up Black-capped Chickadee-dee-dee-dee

6 replies on “Fluffed up Black-capped Chickadee-dee-dee-dee”

heather says:

Love it! Chickadees are my favorites!

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

Thank you. Took a vote on my FB to see which one I should submit because I have dozens of neat poses from Mr. Chickadee. This cute puff ball won out! 🙂

Theresa Nickels says:

Cute little fuzzy guy! Wonderful setting too!

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

Thank you!

Marie Lehmann says:

What a cutie…..awesome shot!

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

Thanks a bunch 🙂

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