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Karen Willes

St Marks, FL, USA


This American Flamingo has been seen at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge since October 31, 2018. It has found food in the pools and in the shallow waters of the nearby Gulf of Mexico at low tide. This image was taken as it returned to its often-seen refuge pool. It is thought to have found St. Marks NWR after Hurricane Michael in October. Until this year, the only previous Flamingo sightings at St. Marks NWR were in 1972 & 1995, both years during which hurricanes followed a path similar to Hurricane Michael.

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Flying Free

Flying Free

4 replies on “Flying Free”

Cathy Reaves says:

So graceful in flight!

Theresa Nickels says:

Interesting information and great shot! That’s quite a sight flying through the sky.

Jill Harper says:


Carol Phillips says:

Beautiful photo

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