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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, USA


I was fortunate to acquire this shot at eye level by getting horizontal in the snow and waiting for the birds to return. I held my lens steady and this junco was the first to arrive within my viewing range, looking for ground seed. The junco found a few ground seeds buried, thus the frosty face. During the winters the juncos are everywhere and I am sure to regularly throw seed on the ground near the feeding stations, especially during the few snowfalls we have each year. Normally the juncos are on the bland side, in terms of color, but I was delighted to see the pink of this bird’s beak show up brilliantly in the photo.


Frosty Face

Snowbound dark-eyed junco in search of ground seeds

9 replies on “Frosty Face”

Kathy Wright says:

Beautiful picture!

Paula Gish says:

Great shot, eye to eye!

Michael McGuire says:

Beautiful colors in this photo!

Philip Walls says:

Clicked on vote. Hope it worked.

Kathy T Lantz says:

His beak looks iridescent! Great shot Linda!

Donna Hoyt says:

I’ve always loved Junkos. I used get a lot of them on Avalon Farm. Such sweet little birds. Beautiful shot!

Cynthia Shifler says:

Beautiful picture!

Richard Ruth says:


Harry Fox says:

Very well done!

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