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Tina Nauman

Somerville, IN, USA


It was winter and it was freezing cold but the Short-eared Owls were too much temptation to stay warm at home. So with numb fingers and uncontrolled shivering I watched 30 Short-eared Owls wheeling, diving and floating in the air as they hunted for their dinners. I did not realize I had taken a photo of one with prey until I reviewed my photos. The Short-eared Owls spend their winter at the reclaimed Somerville/Patoka strip-mine area.


Lucky Short-eared Owl With Unlucky Vole

Short-eared Owl with Vole dinner at reclaimed strip-mine wintering grounds.

One reply on “Lucky Short-eared Owl with Unlucky Vole”

M. Howarth says:

An amazing image, and what a fantastic opportunity to photograph owls!

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