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Kimberly Rausch

Platte City, MO, USA


A tiny tufted titmouse took a goober pea
And the tiny tufted titmouse took a look at me
I said to Tiny Titmouse as she up and flew
“Take the goober pea, I put it there for you”


Mind If I Take This?

Mind if I take this?

6 replies on “Mind if I take this?”

Linda Raush says:

Awesome pic and a beautiful poem to go with it. AWESOME!!!

JB Wall says:

Great shot!

Cathy Hawes says:

A great moment to capture so artfully. Sweet poem to go with it!

Jenny Wahler says:

Beautiful photo Kim!

Dianna Lord says:

What a great shot!

Kim Rausch says:

Thanks everyone!

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