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Rodney Wright

Kansas City, MO, USA


I was very fortunate to peek in on this Barn Owl trio

Silence In The Silo

Silence in the Silo

55 replies on “Silence in the Silo”

Tommie Krone says:

Very unique!! Great job!!

Jonee Hardesty says:

This is such a special photograph. Love it!

Marilyn Koshland says:

Amazing find and photo!

Kathy says:

Beautiful photo!

Jen Lamb says:

Amazing photo!

Patsy S. Kundinger says:

This one I’d like to order for my 1 daughter who has May birthday coming up. So glad Rodney picked this one for contest. Good luck Rodney. One of my favorites???.

Mayra Nevil says:

Love this. One in a lifetime capture by an amazing photographer.

Donna Sielert says:

Love his photograph.

Geri Hawkins says:

Wonderful picture!

Cristina Hartshorn says:

Interesting and beautiful at the same time!

Erika Burger says:

Truly an amazing capture! ❤️

Ann Tanner says:

I love this photo…Probably one in a million! I believe it hits the mark for “Unexpected”!

Lori Grant says:


Amy says:

One of my favorite shots.

Judy Melliere says:

Love this photo..very special!

Em dye says:

He takes the best pictures in Kansas

Bobbi nepote says:

Very cool

Janet Hackney says:

Love this!

Deanna says:


Kara says:

Beautiful. Would love to have this as a large print.

Billie Jo Eccardt says:

I love all your pictures. But the owl ones are my favorite. You have such amazing talent and always catch the perfect moment on camera.

Karen S says:


Tana Johnson says:

Love it!

Tana Johnson says:

Love this photo!

CJ Cope says:

That’s a rare photo op&a great picture.

Ann shaffer says:

awesome picture

Joanna wilkinson says:

Perfection comes in threes

Peggy says:


Nick says:

Man love your pic.. Alway at the right moment..

Unique and engaging photo. Most unexpected to catch 3 almost grown birds like that.

Jill DeWitt says:

Rodent Control Animals!

Peggy coffman says:

What am amazing photo. One of a kind. Thank you for you passion and inspiring gift.

Kathy says:

Love your photos Rodney!!!

Perfect by all 4 of you ..

Vickie Magana says:

Love, Love, Love!!!!

Just beautiful! I need this on the wall in my home!

Tim Phillips says:

wow really great photo!!

Jody Hill says:

Very unique shot! How lucky! Love it!!!

Kelly Juiliano says:


Kathleen Polk says:


Cheryl Hernandez says:

Beautiful, and to catch looking at you, it’s amazing

Maria Ahlsen says:

What a “once in a lifetime” shot! So beautiful and unique.

Debra Spoor says:

Beautiful trio

Jan says:

This is top notch!

Deb Swick says:

This is such a wonderful picture.

Rick Swick says:

Neat to see owls in their own surroundings.

Christine Johnson says:


Darlene says:


Lynn Faulkender says:

What a fantastic picture! Love it!

vkpretz says:

Beautiful Photo!!!

Hanny Basso says:

Perfect one in a million photo opp, really outstanding!

Dawn Smith says:

Absolutely love this photo! Out did yourself on this one Rodney

Rodney says:

Thanks everyone!

Patricia A Miller says:

This picture is worth a thousand words! Haha…one word is superb!
I ? it!!!

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