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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, USA


If it is possible for me to take the day off from work during the rare snow events we have on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I do. It is heaven to observe and photograph birds all day, especially because I see “non-regular” birds at my feeders. On this day there were lots of cardinals visiting the feeders and ground feeding. This female spent a considerable amount of time watching me with my camera, although I was trying to be very still. At the point she tipped her head slightly sideways, I got the shot – and was very happy to see the frozen moment (pun intended) with snowflakes suspended in mid air all around her.

Snow Bird

Female Cardinal looking curious during a snow event

3 replies on “Snow Bird”

Lori Grant says:

Very nice!

Deborah Bates says:

Great shot! Love the lighting. She’s thinking, “OK, so take my picture.”

Denise Wylie says:

Love this photo 🙂

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