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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, USA


This nuthatch often comes to particular trees in search of spiders during the winter months. I have seen him catch a few, but have never been able to get the perfect shot. He quickly takes the spider away to devour it elsewhere, or perhaps share it with a mate.

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Category: Category 5: Woodpeckers and Nuthatches

Spider Search

A Red-breasted Nuthatch in search of a spider meal.

16 replies on “Spider Search”

Sharon Robertson says:

Such a beautiful photo with the branches framing the bird!

Karen Lee says:

Your photos get better and better. Love this one, Linda.

Philip Walls says:

Beautiful picture!

Donna Hott says:

What a sweet little guy! Beautifully captured and presented here.

Holly Baker says:

Linda’s photos are fabulous.

Cynthia Shifler says:

Love this picture

Monika Armbruster says:


Anne F. Ward says:

Just absolutely gorgeous!!

Jennifer says:

She has an eye for photographing birds. I am always impressed by her angle, the “moment” she can catch a photo. The motion she can leave you with when she shoots her subject, keeps the story going when you look away.

Gloria Dill says:


Terri Hughes says:

Such a talented photographer and blessed to encounter such beautiful birds. To me the angle and color gives you the feeling you are right there.

Lesta Reiff Cintron says:

Rosy-breasted Nuthatches are one of my favorite birds and this is a gorgeous shot!

Marian says:

Beautiful photo of one of God’s Beautiful creation.

Ellen Denny says:

Just Beautiful.

Jane LaBrie says:

Another stunning photo by Linda Walls!

Carol Laughlin says:

Great picture! That would make a beautiful card

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