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Sujata roy

Raleigh, NC, USA


Visit to the county park where they had feeders around the visitor centre, saw a pair of tufted titmice coming and taking a seed and then perching on this red bud tree.Since they are fast fliers and flitty too, waited for a while, and then clicked this frame whr the bird has a seed in its beak and there are flowers all around. The grey bird and pink flowers make it a contrasting image


The Pink And Grey Tones

5 replies on “The pink and grey tones”

heather says:

beautiful shot!

Sujata says:


Theresa Nickels says:

Very Nice! So lucky to catch this cutie on a Redbud in Bloom.

sujata says:

thanks Theresa.

M. Howarth says:

Very pretty!

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