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Anne Duvall

Greencastle, PA, USA


I have bird feeders all over my back yard. In fact, I often refer to my backyard as my wildlife sanctuary. Every Christmas I make suet feeders for my birds. The birds love the homemade suet and I love photographing the birds. If it is too cold to be outside, I enjoy watching them from my window. The Carolina Wren is one of my regular visitors who loves the suet. I love to watch him perch and enjoy the treats. My backyard birds give me hours of enjoyment and entertainment.


What A “Sueeet” Christmas Treat

At Christmas I make suet wreaths for the birds to enjoy. This little Carolina Wren would come each day and perch to enjoy a tasty treat.

8 replies on “What a “Sueeet” Christmas Treat”

Cristina Hartshorn says:

Lovely, beautiful color palette!

Carol Tunnicliffe says:

What a lovely idea! Your birds are very lucky!
Great photo

Theresa Nickels says:

Christmas Card Perfect!

Anne Duvall says:

Thank you for your kind words. Actually I make cards with my photographs and this is on one of them.

Barb Sendelbach says:

Lovely photo! How do you keep the wreaths from falling apart? Do you have the suet adhered to a ring? I use a jello mold and they crack and crash to the ground.

Anne Duvall says:

I use a cake pan. I put suet in the bottom. Then I place a wire ring in the suet. Next I top it with more suet. It helps, but eventually they do start to fall apart.

Barb Sendelbach says:

Ah, so you do have something in there holding it together. I will try it again next time I get to the store to get more fat trimmings. Thank you!!

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