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Theresa Nickels

Grand Rapids, MI, USA


I first saw this young albino Robin out my bedroom window early on a Saturday morning. He was hoping around pecking at the ground. I thought I was seeing things. It looked like a white dove but then I saw it strike that Robin pose. I watch it for a week or so. He often stayed late into the evening and begged to every adult Robin the came near.


White Robin

Perfect Robin pose

One reply on “White Robin”

Stan Szrajer says:

I saw an albino robin this morning. Wasn’t sure what it was at first. It appeared to be just a hair larger than a regular colored Robin. I wasn’t able to get a photo. It behaved sure and caught a worm just like a robin. I will do my best to get a photo. The other Robin that was next to it began talking to it and to talk to it. I live in west Aurora IL.

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