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Regina Lembo

Ridgefield, CT, USA


I couldn’t believe the perfect timing I had to photograph this Cooper’s Hawk that landed on the deck railing just as I looked out the door! It stayed for almost 30 minutes. So amazing to watch it!


Are YOU Looking At ME?

Cooper's Hawk staring me down!

15 replies on “Are YOU looking at ME?”

Tammy Baker says:

He looks vlike he is in charge! 🙂

Tammy Baker says:


Kathleen says:

Love this bird with an attitude!

Miriam says:

Handsome guy

Jayne Tansey-Patron says:

It’s good to have a solid self image!

Dana says:


Barbara Cooper says:


Dorothy Jones says:

He is a beauty!

Bobbi says:


Laura says:

Spectacular picture! Love the attitude on the hawk. What a beauty.

Catherine Kreiger says:

Great photo of this very regal Cooper’s Hawk. I occasionally see one in this one tree it seems to like. It once sat on my deck and I was giddy with excitement. Good luck.

Laura Reid says:

Wow! He’s intense!

Christine Buggie says:

What a beautiful shot! He looks like he is posing!

JKear says:

Check out that Hawk Eye.

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